Employee Manuals

View/Print PESG Forms and Applications

PESG Policy & Training Manual. Most of the manual content is covered in the group meeting during the PESG training process. You may view and print this document here by clicking on the pdf document.

Federal W4 PDF If you have a need to increase or decrease your tax withholdings with PESG, please print and complete both the federal and state tax forms.

Direct Deposit Form. If you desire to begin or change your direct deposit settings with PESG, please print and complete this form. Be sure to attach a voided copy of a check showing your routing and account numbers.

Blank PESG Application. If you are unable to complete the enrollment process online, you may print off an employment packet here. You will need to manually complete this packet prior to the group meeting and make a reservation for an upcoming group meeting. Please call 1-866-782-7277 to sign up for a group meeting if manually completing the packet. You will need to read the specific county requirements and follow the instructions for proper enrollment.

Note: Completing this packet manually may add up to two weeks to process your employment application after the group meeting.

PESG TN Policy Manual

PA_189_Form.pdf For employees who require a blank PA189 form.

Arraignment Disclosure Form As required by Michigan law, you must notify PESG within 3 business days of any arraignment on a felony or misdemeanor charge. Failure to timely report is a misdemeanor or felony offense. If you verify that you were not convicted of the crime, PESG will remove any record of the arraignment from your records.